dcypher: Unlocking the power of collaboration

Track: Main Stage
Technical level
Time: 10:10

For innovation in cybersecurity, collaboration across the value chain is necessary, but not always that obvious. To develop new solutions at high speed, more synergy is needed between all the actors in the field. During the opening program of dcypher cooperation will have the main focus. Key factors from the chain will highlight their perspective from their position in the innovation chain and consider various ways in which the innovation process can gain momentum and bridge the valley’s of death. According to Prof. dr. ir. Herbert Bos there is a gap between inventions and implementations, together with Prof. Bos, Berry Vetjens, Pieter Verhagen, Inge van der Beijl and Maartje Claassen we will try to bridge these gaps and find middle ground.

Speakers in this session
CEO SARA Robotics, Boardmember FME
Co-founder Linksight
Director Market, TNO ICT
Professor of Systems Security - VUSec, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Director Behaviour & Training, Northwave