In two centuries, technology has changed the nature of what it takes to defend a nation and (digital) critical infrastructure. A comprehensive and multistakeholder approach through renewed strategies, legislation, global cooperation, and shared values is needed to improve the security posture of organizations across the European ecosystem and further strengthen the EU’s role as a leader on cybersecurity. Transparency and partnership are foundational to this effort. The recent SolarWinds cyberattack on the tech sector’s supply chain was yet another reminder. Today, too many cyberattack victims keep information to themselves. We will not solve this problem through silence or maintaining our silos. We need continued dialogue about open sharing of information and structural cooperation. The EU has already set in motion multiple cooperation models, but is it enough? This workshop will discuss what other aspects the public private cyber community needs to explore, develop and execute in order to get more information flowing and expertise being shared? What is already in place, and what needs to be developed? Is the industry (entities in scope of NIS/NIS2) involved? What are the legislative frameworks to mobilize and what should be developed?

Target audience: strategic / policy


time: 14:25

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