Human Hacking is fun. Learn from a top-rated RSAC speaker how to do it. Every single one of the recent breaches is due to the failure of the human element. So many times, the victim is tricked into giving away access or information because they were unduly influenced by the attacker. This session talks about how malicious hackers influence or in this case unfluence their victims using manipulation and coercion. People need to understand how they can be vulnerable to the factors of influence, so they can understand how to detect, deter, and prevent it. This session talks about the power of unfluence and the techniques used by the manipulators. We see them used multiple times during the day, but often don’t recognize them for what they are. The objective isn’t to make attendees paranoid, but aware of their surroundings and how they may be vulnerable to the power of unfluence. Additionally, attendees will learn the importance of human factors, psychology, and leadership for security professionals. Everyone in security needs to understand human weaknesses and the best ways to protect and defend against human threats and vulnerabilities. This session will educate attendees on human motivation and interaction, how security controls may be bypassed by a person’s intentional or unintentional acts, and methods for reducing the cyber risks associated with people. We will also cover social engineering techniques and how the laws of influence can be used to breach security controls. Come to this session, so you’re not caught under the unfluence.

Target audience: operational / technical


time: 15:25
speakers: Ronald Woerner

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