In the Netherlands, following a large number of DDoS attacks experienced in January 2018, it was apparent that things needed to change. Specifically, we decided to put the concept of cooperative DDoS mitigation into operation at the national level. To that end, we developed and set up the Dutch Anti-DDoS Coalition, a national voluntary consortium of seventeen organizations from a wide variety of sectors. The coalition members include ISPs, banks, internet exchanges, the national DDoS scrubbing center, the operator of the .nl top-level domain and government agencies, including the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration. During the presentation, the Dutch Anti-DDoS Coalition, will be discussed, as well as a short introduction to the various working groups. One of the working groups is organizing large-scale DDoS drills. The working group organizes a large-scale DDoS drills twice a year in a RED/BLUE team setting, currently working towards a PURPLE team environment. The technical, as well as the organizational and legal aspects of organizing such a drill, will be discussed.

Target audience: operational / technical


time: 15:25

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