The SOCCRATES project develops and implements a new security platform for Security Operation Centres (SOCs) and Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs). SOCs and CSIRTs will significantly improve their capability to quickly and effectively detect and respond to new cyber threats and ongoing attacks by using this platform. The platform contains innovative solutions to automated infrastructure modelling, attack detection, Cyber Threat Intelligence, AI and machine learning based threat trend prediction, and automation using Attack Defence Graphs (ADG) and business impact modelling. The platform helps human analysts decide on the best course of action, and enables the execution of defensive actions at machine-speed. The project is coordinated by TNO in the Netherlands, and the project consortium consists of ten partners from industry, academia and research institutes from across Europe. This talk will introduce the SOCCRATES project and platform, and then show how the platform automates the processing of threat intelligence and adversary emulation, including a live demo. The SOCCRATES project webpage provides more information about the project, including project deliverables and publications, project partners, and recordings of previous webinars:

Target audience: tactical


time: 14:25
speakers: Martin Eian

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