It is widely recognised that Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) is valuable for organisations. It can help anticipate certain attacks, but also in visualising the threat landscape that organisations are facing and help organisations to prioritize in security investments. But if you are a CERT, it is quite difficult to practice CTI on its own, with the goal of helping all parties in your constituency. How can you adress all those different digital threats for all those organisations, while meeting their specific intel requirements? Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. In this talk, the Dutch NCSC wants to show you their method of compiling and disseminating threat intelligence. With a wide range of organizations, institutions and information requirements in mind, we try to show our constituency a complete threat-landscape by focusing on generic, but also sector-specific digital threats. Also, we like to show the unique collaboration between the NCSC CTI-team and the Dutch National Detection Programme, and adress some of its challenges. We realize the process of CTI is different for everybody. With this presentation, we hope we can bring some inspiration and thought on the already diverse world of threat intelligence.

Target audience: tactical


time: 14:25

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