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Event hall Tags Technical level Event title Event time Speaker info Publicity
Event hall: Koning Willem Alexander - zaal Event hall: Online Tags: Technical Technical level: hardcore Hacking the pandemic’s most popular software: Zoom 14:25
Event hall: Amazon Event hall: Online Tags: Innovation Technical level: entry-level CTI for CERT's, the Dutch approach 14:25
Event hall: Online Tags: Governance Technical level: intermediate Connecting and securing IT/OT/IoT: Our Journey 14:25
Event hall: Online Tags: Research Technical level: intermediate The SOCCRATES Project – Automating Threat Intelligence and Adversary Emulation 14:25
Event hall: Online Tags: Law enforcement Technical level: intermediate How Industry-Law Enforcement Collaboration Can Tackle the Globalization of Cybercrime 14:25
Event hall: Online Tags: Humans Technical level: intermediate COLTRANE: Collaborative Cybersecurity Awareness Education 14:25