The EU feels the threat of what is coined 'tech colonialism' of the U.S. and China, where the Member States become more and more dependent on non-EEA providers for critical technologies, digital infrastructure and services. The restoration of the EU’s ‘digital sovereignty’ is now a core ambition of the European Commission. But how to achieve this in a time where the digital technologies have become the battleground for the race for global leadership between the U.S. and China (aka the tech cold war)? Both the US and China countries regularly draw the national security card to justify stricter export controls of critical technology, and addressing critical supply chain issues (exposed by the pandemic) by bringing manufacturing back to their countries. Recent US executive orders ensure that almost any ICT-related activity in the United States connected to China is now subject to regulatory review by the U.S. government. Not surprisingly, China is retaliating. There must be a way out of this bi-polar world. In a technological world, sovereignty is also a technological concept. We need to regulate smart: so that Law = Code. Join for a discussion how to pave the third way.


time: 16:10
speakers: Lokke Moerel

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