For every popular and potent cybercriminal community, there are numerous inept and failing communities as well. Factors such as downtown, scamming, or a lack of sophisticated threat actors can spell the end for a cybercriminal forum or marketplace. There are five people you meet in any “cybercriminal heaven” (a prominent and enduring cybercriminal community): the rule enforcers, the infrastructure maintainers, the trusted members, the knowledge providers, and the top sellers. Missing any one of these groups unbalances a community and typically leads to depressed activity. Together we will explore how these five personalities often manifest differently (or not at all) in different linguistic communities, ranging from the incredibly unstable Portuguese-language underground to the relative cybercriminal paradise of the Russian-language underground. Identifying these five personalities within specific forums and marketplaces – as well as broader linguistic communities – allows security practitioners to better interpret and ultimately disrupt these malicious communities.


time: 12:20

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