Cities around the world increasingly face cyber threats. Cyberattacks in cities can lead to cascading effects, that cause disruption in the functioning of our societies. The question is, who is responsible for the cyber security of our cities, citizens and companies? The Hague has initiated an open dialogue with other cities worldwide to share experiences and lessons learned on becoming cyber resilient. The Hague is also experimenting with new approaches to combine expertise to help strengthen the cities cyber awareness like the ethical hack session and the IOT Cyber Monitor. Last year at the One Conference, Atlanta shared their experiences of the ransomware attack in March 2018. Marijn Fraanje, CIO of the city of The Hague, will share the learnings of the network so far and brings in examples of The Hague to become a cyber resilient city with initiatives like hack The Hague and Smart City Security.


time: 10:30
speakers: Marijn Fraanje

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