Are YOU ready for a challenge?
Then get ready for the “Operation SOS – Save Our SOC” security challenge at the One Conference. After the success of the One CTF 2017 the NCSC has partnered with Certified Secure to create challenging technical puzzles. The problem? Embarrassing! One of the major SOCs has been compromised by an unknown group of attackers and The Netherlands is at risk! The solution? You! Use all of your security skills and get the SOC up and running again. Tick tick! Time is already running out. In this highly realistic and time-bound security challenge you will need to use your offensive and defensive security skills to the max. OSINT, Infrastructure Security, Web Security, Network Forensics, Reverse Engineering, Mobile Security, Remote Buffer Overflows, it’s all in the game! Are you already registered? If not, come to the designated room and if there are still seats available you can still participate.
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Date: Wednesday, 3 October at 11.30 hrs
Location: Everest 1 + 2 room


time: 11:30

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