In March 2018 the City of Atlanta was crippled by a massive SamSam ransomware attack. More than a third of its applications were thrown temporarily offline or disabled of which 1/3 are considered “mission critical.” Soon after detecting the ransomware attack, the city had to temporarily shut down a number of its digital services, activate business continuity measures, and implement manual processes, while concurrently re-evaluating and strengthening their cyber infrastructure and resilience strategies.
In addition, as digital technology reshapes every aspect of our lives, our economy and our environment, cyber security forms a vital part of our plans. Greater Manchester’s digital economy is the largest in the UK outside of London and is an emerging hotspot for companies specialising in cyber security. Greater Manchester is approaching the issue of cyber resilience putting people firmly at the heart of technological innovation.
As cities around the world are increasingly being targeted or becoming the victim of cyber-attacks, there is a need to explore the role of city governments and that of businesses in protection of a city’s data and vital infrastructure during a full-scale cyber-attack. In this session “Cities under Cyber Attack”, Atlanta, Manchester and The Hague will share their experiences. The presentations will be followed by a panel discussion and Q&A with the audience what role city-hall can play in such a crisis and what the role of business and other organizations is.
This session offers a unique opportunity to share knowledge and experience from different perspectives of policy makers and businesses.
Date: Tuesday, 2 October
Time: 14:00 - 15.30 hrs
Place: Antartica room - World Forum


time: 14:00

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