The next frontier of critical infrastructure security
Offices, houses and the facilities offering critical services are becoming smarter, more complex and more connected. This helps making our busy lives more comfortable while boosting sustainability and efficiency. However, it also introduces or exacerbates existing cyber security risks. Building Automation Systems (BAS) are automated control systems that take care of regulating smart building’s functions such as air-conditioning, energy management and physical security. BAS form an interesting target for attackers, and they are becoming the weak link in the chain of defenses of complex systems. In addition, BAS often govern systems that are truly critical like airports, harbors, hospitals and data centers. As it turns out, the backbone of the Smart Buildings we are creating today is for a large part composed of legacy systems. As the wide body of literature on cybersecurity teaches us, legacy systems are extremely vulnerable to cyber-attacks. For their protection, security solutions that address very specific challenges are necessary. In this presentation, we provide an analysis of the main threats and challenges that need to be faced when securing Building Automation Systems.


time: 14:00

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