Our networks were engineered for interoperability, trust, and openness. The scales of cybersecurity have been tipped in favor of the attacker since the inception of the Internet. Those who seek to undermine our societies are using the same tactics, techniques, and procedures as in the past, but are now operating in this new and complicated space. Attackers only have to be right once, but defenders have to be right all the time. Through the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the U.S. Government is taking defensive cyber actions to protect federal networks and, in collaboration with critical infrastructure owners and operators and the private sector, to support the broader cyber ecosystem. Our goal is a cyber environment where a given threat, such as a malicious email, can only be used once before it is blocked by all other potential victims. DHS encourages all to take small, tangible steps to strengthen our cyber ecosystem.


time: 16:30

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