Posted on September 13, 2019

A novelty this year is the organization of the Innovation Floor. During three days, in close collaboration with the city of The Hague, 14 organizations are offered the opportunity to present their cyber security innovations. A great opportunity to meet new partners! logo municipality The Hague

1.Compumatica Secure Networks: Magic Automation Software Checker

Compumatica gives a demonstration of how The Magic Automatic Software Checker works and the visitor can watch in real time how a Compumatica employee finds vulnerabilities in a computer system / network.

2. CTF Zone: Cyber Security Escape Room

Join us for the Cyber Security Escape Room at the Innovation Floor. The most fun hands-on security awareness training, made by hackers and experienced escape room creators. The Cyber Security Escape Room is a pop-up escape room in which players will experience different cyber security learning moments in a new and fun way. The purpose of the escape room is not to escape, but this time the players take on the role of a hacker and experience what it is like to hack someone by exploiting multiple security flaws. During the game, the players will come in contact with realistic learning moments in the field of security, both positive and negative. Already an experienced security specialist? Then come and beat the best time!

3.Cybersprint: The Smart City Cyber Resillience Monitor

The Smart City Cyber Resillience Monitor continuously monitors the city for any misconfigured or hacked IoT devices that might pose a threat to the public from both privacy and security perspectives. It has been developed together with the Municipality of The Hague, and makes use of the parallel developed SBIR project "IoT Honeypotting". *Internet Cleanup Foundation: Web Security Map A first: a map with the basic security of all Dutch government services. Visitors can zoom in on this map and get advice. Visitors can zoom in on the map / search for their organization. We can also add live organizations. Transparency goes further than just showing the status. There is also reporting including recommendations and second opinions. The history and improvements of organizations become clear.

4. Internet cleanup foundation: Web security map

A first: a map with the basic security of all Dutch government services. Visitors can zoom in on this map and receive advice and search for their organization. We can also add live organizations. Transparency goes further than just showing the status. There is also reporting including recommendations and second opinions. The history and improvements of organizations become clear. Finally, organizations are rewarded with everything in order with a green dot and a mention in the hall of fame.

5. Meld een Vermoeden (Report a Suspicion)

The Police Academy has estimated that the export revenue of Synthetic Drugs in the Netherlands reached 19 billion Euros in 2017. To put this in perspective, the Apple App Store made a total global revenue of 22.6 billion dollars in the first half of 2018. The negative effects of organized crime are much more extensive and deeply rooted in society than previously thought. The core problem is, society entering into a state of no return. There is an urgency to combat subversive activities that are deeply rooted in our society. At our booth, we will showcase how the municipality can uplift their intelligence regarding crime and how a data-driven approach supported with Artificial Intelligence can contribute to safer societies.

6. NBIP and AbuseIO: Fighting Abuse Smarter and Stronger Together

The Dutch National Internet Providers Management Organization (NBIP) and the AbuseIO Foundation present to you "Fighting Abuse Smarter and Stronger Together" on the innovation floor. The two organizations will showcase three projects and invite you to join the battle against abuse: 1) srubbing center against DDoS attacks "NaWas"; 2) an open source tool that can automatically report any type of vulnerability or abuse to the abuse contact of the IP address and/or domain register; 3), where digital service providers can find information on abuse and vulnerabilities in their networks.

7. Qbit, UvA, Consumentenbond: (virtual) IoT Security Test Lab

Qbit together with students from Amsterdam University of Applied Science and Consumentenbond will give a hands-on presentation how to hack different kinds of devices. This will include things like firmware analysis and hardware hacking & reverse engineering. Goal is the raise awareness and show how insecure devices can disrupt our society, threaten our living environment and breach our privacy. Attendants can participate in a challenge to hack devices themselves.

8. Radboud University/ING Group: Detection Strategy Predictor

“We have developed an algorithm that simulates the future successfulness of detection capability strategies. During the Innovation Floor One participants are able to define scenarios and run quantified simulations in a cloud based simulation tool. The graphical user interface of the simulation will directly provide insights in the future effects of different scenarios and security policy settings. We also provide the opportunity to compare different scenarios. We expect that one full participative session may take about 15 minutes.”

9. Scalys: Securely protect the communication with your valuable assets!

Scalys will demo the concept of end-to-end cyber secure communication via the Cloud between 2 connected devices, which guarantees the highest level of security. For this demo, they make use of the TrustBox Edge to realize this cyber secure communication between 2 devices to operate a Vault. The Vault is the metaphor for the companies goldmine (valuable assets); their machine(s) and sensitive sensordata.

10. Shared Research Programma Cyber Security: Quantifying Cyber Security Risks and Third Party Security Governance

The Shared Research Program (SRP) Cyber Security will demo two of its results (Quantifying cyber security risks and Third Party Security Governance) and have information available of the other projects in the program (posters and SRP magazine 2019). The Shared Research Program Cybersecurity is a research and innovation program (already active since 2014 and partly funded by the Dutch government) with TNO, ABN AMRO, Rabobank, ING, Achmea and de Volksbank in which partners are cooperating with the aim to improve cyber security, by means of innovation in technologies and processes and with the explicit goal to share the results with the Dutch society.

11. Sightlabs - Anomalie Based Clustering Tool

Sightlabs works with the major banks of the Netherlands . They are busy developing a secure platform (software) for the entire society (companies, citizens, governments, etc.). During the One they show how the product came about and which technologies are used. They also explain how it works and what tests they have done in the banks.

12. SIM-CI: Simulating Critical Infrastructures

Together with an Estonian party, SIM-CI does an integrated simulation that makes clear where the vulnerabilities are and what the possible physical and financial consequences of a cyber attack are. SIM-CI demonstrates how a digital twin from a certain area can contribute to cyber resilience by testing in this digital “playing environment” where the vulnerabilities are and what the potential consequences of a cyber attack can be. In live mode, spectators can specify on which piece of infrastructure in the simulation they want to see a cyber attack performed and SIM-CI can calculate the effects of the attack in a near real time but also visualize it.

13.Volto Labs: Cyber Agent Technology (CAT) platform

Volto Labs has researched whether Cyber Agent Technology (CAT) is usable for (government) organizations that are involved with the investigation of e.g. cybercrime, (cyber)terrorism, radicalization, child pornography/sex tourism, cyberwar and organized crime. The developed prototype makes it possible to interact with virtual identities on various platforms. At the Innovation Floor of the One Conference, Volto Labs will demonstrate the use of the Cyber Agent Technology prototype for “Sweetie” activities.

14. X-Systems: Secured Mobile Platform

The current digitally connected society is vulnerable. Industrial and state actors can easily track, monitor, manipulate or disable users. X-systems is committed to a complete and secure end-to-end (wireless) infrastructure. By offering a secure mobile platform that can be used modularly as wireless and multi-purpose mobile communication equipment; data carrier, tablet computer, etc. For example, X-SYSTEMS wants to develop a multi-deployable solution for secure mobile communication, always and everywhere and in all circumstances.