Posted on April 04, 2018


All sessions are 40 minutes in length including Q&A. Previously published and/or presented material is welcome if the information and message are still new and relevant to this audience. Presentations will ultimately be chosen based on relevance to the topics below, maturity of results and relevance to the audience.


Topics include but are not limited to:

Technical: botnets and C&C, exploitation & malware, vulnerability research, design & attack surface, attacker MO, deployment of defensive measures, (inter)networking and operations, metrics & measurements, field-related (privacy, cryptography, ..), domain-related (IoT, ICS/SCADA, mobile, medical, automotive, ..)

Incident response: monitoring and detection, information sharing, threat intelligence, CSIRT maturity, incident handling, cooperation (tactical and operational), incident analysis, coordinated vulnerability disclosure, case studies, lessons learned Governance: law enforcement, legal aspects, cross-border collaboration, risk management, public- private partnerships, organizational structures, coordinated vulnerability disclosure, data breaches, supply chain: responsibility & liability

Strategic issues: cyber security & economic growth, implementing international cyber security strategy, (conflicts of) interest of values in cyber security, future scenarios, the role of the government, cyber espionage & future economic impact, incentives in cyber security Human factor: offenders, victims, social engineering, insider threat, post awareness, education and training, privacy

Research & innovation: completed and ongoing cyber security research (fundamental and applied) and innovation